Random Wednesday & Wedding Ramblings

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today is definitely random.  After my crazy weekend, I wanted to relax on Monday but had already been invited to do a wine & design class..where you paint a picture and get drunk.  The theme was 50 Shades of Grey since my boss is turning 50 next week.  Talk about an awkward experience with co-workers. 
Here are both of my OOTD for Monday.  Left was work, right was painting class.
Just look at the table.  Imagine that with a room of co-workers.
My finished painting.  Where the effff is this going in my house?
As for the wedding - we actually have calmed down slightly since my total flipout meltdown, but are now thinking that changing our date might be the best way for me to remain calm and stay focused on both work and the wedding.  One slight issue we have is that I emailed the venue director on Saturday about changing our date...and still haven't heard back.  Ugh.  Maybe I am just too impatient. 
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  1. That is hilarious! What a fun party idea! your painting could be a great statement gift at a friend's bridal shower! ;)

  2. Loving your long skirt! I've always wanted to do one if those wine and design classes... Just not with a roomful of my coworkers. Lol

  3. I love your outfit for painting! I always wonder if I can pull off a long skirt because I am so short.