Rain, rain, go away!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

 The weather has been so nice lately, but today it is pouring.  I guess that is okay though since the entire next week is supposed to be in the high 70's.  We have a wedding this weekend and next, so I am really keeping my fingers crossed for that forecast.

Ross and I are meeting my dad for dinner in Charlotte tonight - any recommendations?!  We have no idea where to go!

My little baby still can't have his cone off.  We tried the other day and he was chewing on the spot on his leg.  So frustrating.  And he looks miserable.  It is so hard to say no to that adorable face!

 4 weeks until we move into our new house!  And five weeks until my summer can officially start (since graduation will be overrrrr).  It seriously cannot come fast enough.

There are SO many things I want for the new house.  Well, if I won the lottery of course.


I need those cornhole boards.  Without a doubt.
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  1. ahhh pooor poochie! I hated when Tally had to wear her cone it broke my heart. I hope he feeels better soon:(