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Friday, April 26, 2013

It is Friday...and that is some of the best news I have received all week.  Oh and obviously that I am going to be in Boston in 48 DAYS.  I booked my flight after a few too many whiskey gingers last night and could not be more excited.  Bridesmaids dresses, here we come.  Oh and day drinking by the water and prowling the streets at night :) 
I want to thank everyone for their kind, thoughtful comments yesterday.  It means a lot that so many of you can relate to what I said and enjoy reading my posts!  I really love this blogging community more and more every day. 
Tonight is date night - we are trying the restaurant for our caterer that we loved last weekend!  I am pretty sure we are going to book them if all goes well :)  Then we pick up the keys to the new house packing all weekend is my plan.  I seriously only have about 5 boxes packed...and we have a 3 bedroom house.  Woof.  I also calculated that this will be the 10th house/apartment that I am moving to since I graduated from college in May 2009.  That is way too I should probably stay put for a while.  Maybe.
Happy Friday ya'll.  Now I'm gonna leave you so I can jam out at my desk all day... 
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  1. woohoo for your trip to Boston!
    Packing sucks. I have moved entirely too many times in the past few years, too. Ugh!

  2. so jealous you are going to boston that soon!!! I will be there in July but that isn't soon enough! :) good luck with the caterers!!