Wedding Wednesday - To Do Lists

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I want to make Wedding Wednesday a more regular this week I am joining a wedding link up!  I sat down and wrote out a 'To-Do' list back a week or so ago...and it was almost 5 pages long.  That is a serious problem.  I had a moment of complete panic and then came around and remembered that I still have 11 months to plan.  I am absolutely going to pull the trigger and book our caterer and DJ before we have our engagement photos on May 11, I have at least decided that much.
We also have narrowed down our budget...finally.  That has been floating around like a big question mark over my head for the past few months, but now we know where we stand, who is helping with what, etc.  Big sigh of relief there...just because it makes it much more manageable when I know what I am working with.
I am getting ready to book flights home for the bridesmaids dress shopping weekend.  I am probably going to head up there in June or July so we can just shop and get it done with!  The best thing about living near flights to Boston for $150! :)  I just recently created a Google Calendar for all of my bridesmaids and I so that we know when things are happening and where people need to be when!
Boring Wedding Wednesday...but we are hoping for progress soon!


  1. Creating a google calendar for the bridesmaids is such a good idea! Need to share that with some newly engaged friends of mine!

  2. yay boston!! so happy its affordable for you<3 Would you mind if i emailed you to discuss different Boston towns.. I am still having trouble narrowing down where I want to move to!

  3. The google calendar was a great idea! :)

  4. A to-do list made my life so much easier. Even though honestly like half of it that I had these deadlines set for like 3 months out...I finished about 3 days out. Whatever. It gets finished somehow. Promise.

  5. Very well prepared-- great idea for using the Google calendar-- I'm a list type of girl, that's the only way I can function

    Chene@Southern Girl Blog Community

  6. I have never thought about creating a Google calendar for the girls.

    GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!!