Birthday Weekend Recap

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!  Unfortunately, I am at work on this gorgeous holiday...even though I work for the state.  Doesn't make sense, I know.  But I had a great weekend so that makes up for having to be here today.  It was my 26th Birthday on we started celebrating a little early on Thursday night!  We headed downtown for dinner and drinks...and I woke up Friday with a bit of a headache after a few too many. 
This little girl has decided she wants to catch a squirrel.
Friday night we went back downtown for sushi and a lotttttt more drinks...I didn't get any pictures though!  We woke up early on Saturday, nursed our hangovers for a bit and then hopped in the car and headed to Asheville for lunch.  Our plan was to go to the Biltmore for wine tasting and then wander around downtown Asheville but when we got to the Biltmore we didn't realize that it cost $60 a person just to enter the grounds!  We decided to leave that for another day when we had more time to actually enjoy the place.
Downtown Asheville is so cute!!
Saturday's birthday outfit :)
Yesterday I realized we are now under 300 days!!

Ross had to work in the morning yesterday so I met him at the course in the afternoon and watched him play 9 holes.  It was absolutely gorgeous out so it felt nice just to sit in the cart and relax and talk.  Then we had a BBQ together and watched Friends with Benefits last night.  All in all it was a successful weekend. 


Drinks in my Fat Tuesdays cup from Vegas :)

Essie - Butler Please
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
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