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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Morning everyone :)  I hope that you all survived your Memorial Day weekend!  Since most of you probably had yesterday off, things were pretty quiet around blogland...but I love catching up on everyone's weekend shenanigans!
Today I am linking up for From Firsts to Lasts...and since it is the last Tuesday of the month, we are talking about two lasts!
First Things First
Last Book You Read
I have absolutely no idea...isn't that awful?  Like, none..whatsoever.  I seriously would have to do some research on this to figure it out.  I am a total failure!  I started the book Safe Haven...but never picked it back up after my last flight to Boston.  I also read The Hunger Games books last year...but that was a year ago.  I actually don't have any books I am intersted in reading right now either.  Maybe you guys can suggest one for me!
Last Movie You Saw in a Theater
 This is also equally as sad....it was Ted.  Like...last February.  I have had zero interest in seeing anything in the theater since.  Except now that the Hangover 3 is out.  But I only want to see that because I should... not because I think it might be funny.  Because I actually hated the second Hangover.  So I have no real hopes for the third one.  Did any of you guys see it?


Over the long weekend Ross and I had some really serious conversations over a few different dinners.  We really looked at our current situation, what we want, what our goals are for us...it was so eye opening.  For the first time in a while, I am feeling like I really see where we are headed. 

1.  We want to eventually live near the ocean.  Not necessarily this year, or in the next move we make, but eventually.  Living in a land-locked city is just not working for us.

2.  We want to go back out West.  We are truly West-Coasters at heart.  Even though we both grew up in New England, we really feel at home when we are in California.

3.  We want to move into jobs that we are truly passionate about.  We are both in the right fields for us, we just need to be in positions that are what we want.

4.  We are going to really start focusing on each other...and not worrying about all the other crap and drama around us.  For a while in our relationship I have been angry and sad about the horrible relationship we have with his family.  But we are done caring and worrying about them and are just going to focus on being happy together and us being a family.

5.  We are ready to get healthy, together.  A lot of days we come home from work feeling so frustrated and tired that instead of getting out and being active we sit on the couch and drink and bitch.  But all that does is add calories and pounds to us and makes us feel more bitter about our jobs.  By getting out with the dogs and going hiking or walking...or heading to the gym, we are releasing that stress and tension in a more productive way...and getting in shape!
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  1. It sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. It's so nice to have those conversations that make you feel good about where you are heading!

  2. haha it has been a while since you saw a movie. loved ted though! and what a great weekend!

  3. I love that you talk about your 'not-so-great' relationship with his family - it helps to know that I'm not alone, as it can be difficult with my husband's family as well. Thanks for that!

    Also, I relate SO MUCH with getting home tired and sitting on the couch bitching about the day instead of being productive or getting out of the house. Thanks for motivating me to do better :).

    Visiting from today's linkup: From Firsts to Lasts.

  4. Those are some great things y'all have decided on. Sounds like y'alls relationship is doing great right now, and that's so important to not lose sight of! Good for you girl :)

  5. I love the last quote!
    Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to getting to know you and keeping up with your blog.