How did you find me?!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I am joining in for a one day linkup about search words that brought people to my bloggy blog!  It is ridiculously entertaining to see what people google that brings them here.

Helene in Between
Some of my favs include..

"what ever happend to my friends feet?"
I have absolutely no idea what post this went to...I just don't get it.

"why weekends end so fast"
Did someone seriously google this and expect a legitimate answer?

"sequin drinking shirt"
I know why this came here..obviously.  But the more important question is where can I get a sequin drinking shirt?

"i wish it was my last night as a human too"
I am confused.

"good morning sunshine duck dynasty"
Umm only one of my favorite shows, duhhh.

"does wednesday have anything to do with weddings"
Why yes, yes it does.

"sorority junior senior drink off shirts"
 Do I talk about drinking too much?

Check out some of the other hilarious search terms in this linkup! 
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  1. "I wish it was my last night as a human too"

    TOO? As in someone else previously wished it was their last night as a human? What are they going to be instead? Maybe this is where the Animporph book series came from!

    Thanks for linking up! If you find the sequin drinking shirt lemme know, I'll take a medium.

    1. or twilight? either way strange. I think I need to write more interesting things on my blog, no funny awesome searches here. for some reason thats kinda sad

  2. please sign me up for a sequin drinking shirt. please. or the sorority junior senior drink off shirts. whichever.

  3. google, please tell me what happened to my friends feet. Thank you.
    Stop by some time!
    I would love to follow you on twitter @ ToriGStyled

  4. Bahaha! This is great! Too bad my search keywords are "diy nursing pads" or "baby bib template" not really anything funny enough to do a full post. There was one that had me scratching my head, I know exactly which post it was referring to. When I cut off 10 inches of hear.....but the keyword had nothing to do with hair. That made me laugh and tilt my head like a confused dog! Haha

  5. yes i, too, would like to know why weekends end so fast!