Wedding Wednesday - Ceremony Space

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Progress has actually been made this week guys!  We booked our DJ and caterer!!  I am proud of myself for these big steps.  I have my flights booked for Boston next month and if all goes well we will have bridesmaids dresses then too :)
Next weekend we have our engagement pics and then can get our Save the Dates ordered and mailed!  I am starting to piece together the mailing list now so we can have that done by mid June.
We have a huge item on the to do list that absolutely must be checked off before our Save the Dates get mailed.  Where are we having our ceremony?!
Ross and I were both raised Catholic...however, we are not practicing.  My family is extremely active in the Catholic church...his is not.  This is our dilemna...we would get married in the church, but there is only one in our town that we would even consider.  With that being said...that particular church comes with a lot of "hoops" to jump through...such as being a member for 12 months before the wedding (missed that already), paying a lot to rent the space, having the ceremony only at noon or 2pm (which I hate) and a few other things that bother me.  This option really doesn't seem to work for us.
St. Mary's in Greenville via
Our second option is having the ceremony at our venue.  The problems we are facing with this are that...
- We need to find our own officiant.  I only want to be married by a man and am finding it extremely hard to find a male justice of the peace in our area.  Like..brutally hard.
- Our venue has very limited space for pictures, so we would have to see each other before the ceremony in order to take some decent pictures earlier in the day.  Originally, we didn't want to see each other that is something we are trying to come to terms with.
Our third option is choosing an entirely different church, that allows non-members to marry there.  This would definitely throw my family into a small fit, which they would have to just get over.  We did see one church that looks beautiful, but have not gone to actually meet with anyone there yet.
Holy Trinity Anglican Church via -- Isn't that shot just gorgeous?
How did you decide where to have your ceremony?  Were family members pressuring you to chose one option over the other?  We have to come up with some sort of solution...and fast!!!
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  1. I am having my wedding at a beach - and at first there was definitely some objection to not doing it in our church. My mom kept being like, "Are you sure that's what YOU want to do?" (Because my fiance really wants to, so she thinks it's all his idea and I was being pressured into it. When that's not the case at all...) Once I finally just broke down with her and laid it all out there, she finally accepted it. She may still *wish* it was in our church, but she's at least getting over it now....just do what you want! Everyone says it, but really it's true - it's YOUR wedding. Do what's right for you and Ross!

  2. We are doing our ceremony at our venue (inside, we ain't playin with the weather) and luckily nobody in our families are very religious (only just kinda) so there hasn't been any remarks about it. As far as our officiant, I know in Florida only a notary has to sign our marriage license so we are paying for my uncle to become a notary! Which is totally awesome because he married my parents back in the day as well! Option B was to have a family member or friend act like they are preforming the ceremony and just to make it official at another time (either before or after the wedding at the courthouse) but that kind of takes the romance out of it...

  3. That last shot is so gorgeous! Love he old brick on Churchs :)

  4. Sheesh! The venue was the hardest to plan for our wedding because of BUDGET. We wanted the party and really we paid for it. I didn't really want to get married in a church, because I am Catholic (non practicing) and he is Lutheran (non practicing). We did get some flack for choosing a golf course and not getting married in a church, but I just said "Were getting married outside, God can see us better!" We were however able to enlist the man that married my hubby's parents so that was lucky, and he did it for free. I made a suggestion to a girlfriend when she got married to ask a friend to become an ordained minister (we are in CA so I don't know how it works in other states) and it was really easy to do. One online class, 2-3 hours later and bam, instant officiant. It's an option, especially if you have a friend/family member that loves to act...whatnot. Good luck!


  5. My soon to be sister in law got married at St. Mary's. there were a lot of rules. She ended up with a big gap between her ceremony and reception. The notary thing is true in SC too, so it wouldn't be hard to get someone you know to officiate. My step-dad is a Methodist minister so he is marrying us and we're doing ceremony and reception at the same place. Where is your venue?

  6. You do what YOU want to do sweetie. I started out this wedding stuff asking too many OTHER people what THEY wanted and what THEY thought. And then it hit me. This is my ONE DAY and my ONE TIME to get married and I will do it as I choose to. :)

  7. I think I would forego the church with all the stipulations. I think you should focus on getting to marry the man of your dreams and not stressing over details that seem out of your control. I'm sure you will get it all figured out! PS. You could have a friend of y'alls become a notary and that could work (depending on state laws). Just remember, it doesn't have to just be an officiator.