Some of the things that make me happy

Thursday, May 16, 2013

1. These three cuties
2.  My family :)
3.  Shopping..especially for shoes
4. The ocean
5.  My favorite, random TV shows
6.  Cold, clean, crisp sheets
7.  Visiting home
8.  Sky-high mountains
9.  Ice-cold beer...or any adult beverage really ;)
10.  Fuzzy slippers
11.  Concerts...any concerts, any time!
I was bored today and feeling completely I just started thinking of things that make me smile!  Penny had to go to the vet to get fixed today so I am hoping that everything goes okay and she isn't feeling too crappy when I pick her up this evening!
And today is my Friday!  So happy Friday Thursday :)
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  1. Adult beverages and fuzzy slippers :)

  2. Adult Beverages are wonderful, specifically wine :) I got my engagement pics back, you have to pop over and check them out! There are even more on facebook :)

  3. How cute!
    Love your list!