The most boring weekend ever.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sorry for my late post today...I had a training day at work and completely forgot to blog last night.  Just slipped my mind.  Until about 8am this morning when I started having blog withdrawals.
This was another three day weekend for me...but was uneventful and boring.  Penny got fixed Thursday and Ross had a huge tournament this weekend, so I spent most of the weekend with the doggies being very bored.
We seriouslyyyyyy need some friends here.  This place is absurdly boring without anyone to hang out with except each other.  Ross is fun and all, but I really need to meet people.  No one tells you when you graduate from college and move away that making friends is basically impossible really freaking hard.   Moving to a new town needs to come with some sort of orientation or rush week.  Woooooof.
I want to buy one of these nifty calorie counting watch things...any suggestions?  I have seen so many of you guys using the Polar Watch but have also heard really good things about the Nike Fuel Band.  Help!!!  I don't know which one to buy but need one ASAP since I only have 10 months to get wedding skinny.
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  1. I'm considering getting the polar watch! I've never heard of the Fuel Band! I just joined the gym since I moved back home last week, so I feel it's time to make a purchase! I want to know my calorie burn, because I don't think what the machine says is true.

    Let me know if you find out anything good/bad about either!

  2. I've heard more about the Polar watch than the Nike fuel band so I'd go with that!

  3. I totally know how the whole new town no friends things is like. I just moved to my husband's home town, 2000 miles away from my hometown in Texas. Sadface.

  4. I've been dying to move away for some time now. Don't make me rethink this!

  5. We will have to meet for lunch one day or grab a drink after work.

    That Fuel Band looks awesome, I love anything that syncs up with my phone.