Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I have exactly 23 days until I am home in Boston to pick out bridesmaid dresses!!  I really want to nail down the exact look I am going for before I leave so that we aren't sitting at the stores for 10 hours!  Originally, I really wanted the girls to wear purple dresses and the guys to wear grey.  And then I saw this pic...
...and seriously died for a minute.  That is it...that is exactly what I want.  The purple is so subtle but totally pops and will make it much easier to "match" the various purple decor aspects together.
Here are some of the dresses I want my girls to black.
I love how these could all easily be worn again too.  I want to find dresses that are the same color and material, but not necessarily the same cut.  I just want whatever looks best on each of the girls!
I am also meeting with a photographer after work I really hope that it goes well!  I want to really start focusing on getting all of my vendors booked!
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  1. I really like #1 and #6! :) My sister is having her bridesmaids do a charcoal grey. I think darker colors like that look great!

  2. i'm a one shoulder freak, love that dress!

  3. I like all of the Donna Morgan dresses. That color scheme is going to be very pretty.

  4. Oh I'm liking that color palette! And my favorites of those dresses are the strapless, sweetheart neckline ones. So pretty!

  5. We are doing black dresses and I found the girls at Nordstrom. They are Max & Cleo and can definitely be worn again!! Your bridesmaids will thank you for this!

  6. LOVE this so much!! My wedding colors are also purple and grey. We are doing various shades of purple mixed in with white and greys. I had thought of putting my girls in a deep purple dress with light purple bouquets. I LOVE the black, grey and purple though! So pretty!!

  7. Love that look! So pretty!!!

  8. Visiting from Random Wednesdays. Love the short black dress look AND the purple flowers!!! I like the one shoulder dress the best

  9. Hi Jess, I'm Ginny a new blogger from NC! I Just found you through Belle in Boot's linkup. I'm getting married in a year as well and am excited to read blogs about all things wedding with lovely girls like you. This is exactly the type of blog I'm looking for. I like the 2nd to last Donna Morgan dress. It's chic and fun!

    I just picked my venue so I have a LOT left to do.

    I am very excited to pick out bridesmaid dresses. I spent a little time looking but I'm REALLY overwhelmed by the choices. I can't decide really but I'm one of those B2B's that really want their bridesmaids to have a say because making them happy and comfy is high on my priority list. Maybe have all the same color but a different style. I think that is more of what I'm thinking.

    Excited to surf your blog more this weekend for juicy wedding information and tips! Can't wait!

    Ginny :) (

  10. i actually love all of those dresses - black bridesmaids are just so chic. love your blog and so excited i stumbled upon it through the WW link-up, because i'm planning a wedding, too!

    come by and visit my blog sometime if you want!