A few Firsts and some things I've been noticing

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Morning!!  Today I am talking about some more Firsts for the From Firsts to Lasts linkup!
First Things First
First Thing I Do at Work
BLOG!  If I haven't pre-written my post, then I do that immediately and then proceed to go through bloglovin to catch up with all of my favs!  I seriously hate mornings when I have a meeting scheduled that makes my blogs wait.  I want to know what's going on and feel like I am missing out if I don't read until like noon!
First Vacation I Took Without My Parents
I actually went to Disney World when I was 10 with my aunt and uncle for my first official vacation without my parents.  Then I went to California to see my godmother when I was 13.  That was the first time I flew alone too and I was soooo nervous!!  Since then I have gone on countless flights alone and actually really like it. 
Last night I went to Zumba and had an absolute blast!!!  My instructor was freaking awesome...I mean we seriously got low!  I had such a good time and am leaving work early today specifically to make her class.  My abs, arms and thighs are burning today and it feels great!  I want that extra 20lbs I am carrying around gone
I was also noticing...which you probably all did too...is like everyone in blogland preggers now?  I think there is some sort of epidemic going around!  Not that there is anything wrong with it, but damnnnn everyone is getting ready to pop a baby out!  I hope it isn't contagious.  I will stick with doggies.
3 more days until my birthday!  Which actually isn't exciting...because I do not want to be 26.  That makes me sound old and is really close to 30 and that makes me sad.
Happy Tuesday ya'll!
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  1. I always blog first too! (I just felt bad admitting that I do it at work, when I'm supposed to be ya know, "working" or something...) But that's awesome you loved zumba so much! Isn't it so much fun? And it's a way better option than running or some other crap for an entire hour!

  2. I always blog first, too! haha. Oops. And I will stick with doggies, too. ;)

  3. I'll be 27 in November, 26 has been a good age!

  4. I open up Bloglovin' immediately after reading my email once I get to work. Employee of the century right here :)