Engaged or Enraged?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I came across this link up and just had to jump in and participate!  The idea is funny but also made me sit down and think for a few minutes!!  All of my fellow brides-to-be should link up too :)

1.  What was the funniest moment you have had while planning your wedding?
So far...the funniest thing was probably picking out my wedding dress.  My mom, dad, maid of honor and I went shopping in Boston when I was home for Christmas.  We went to two stores...the first one I tried a few dresses and found one that I was almost certain could be 'the one'.  We decided to hold off and head to the second store though...Vows from the show I Found The Gown.  In their dressing area, there is a row of mirrors so you are literally standing next to another bride and her family while you're trying your own dresses.  I came out in what ended up actually being 'the one' and my mom and MOH were already crying about the bride NEXT to me!!!  She had just said yes to her dress and my two sappy ladies couldn't hold it together.  The real kicker though is that none of us cried over my dress!!  I just knew it was the dress that I wanted to marry Ross in but never cried.  I kept asking the sales girl if I was supposed to cry but she told me lots of brides don't, which helped alleviate my worries and reassured me I was saying yes to the right one!

2.  What is your favorite thing about your fiance/husband?
My favorite thing about Ross is that we genuinely have so much fun together.  He is always up for anything and wants to experience life the same way I do.  He loves to have fun and be goofy and silly, which I am all the time.  We can be doing next to nothing but still love being together.  
 Ross is the deer if you didn't pick up on that already...

3.  What was the most stressful part of planning a wedding?
Truth be told, the most difficult part about this entire process has been dealing with family.  That has put a huge stress on us throughout our engagement.  We have had to make some tough decisions in regards to the wedding in order to make us happy and have really dealt with some crap for it along the way.  I do hope eventually things will get better, but am not feeling very optimistic about it at this current time.

4.  What is your favorite personal detail from your wedding?
I haven't put any personal details in yet!  I have taken a big break from the wedding planning over the past few months...so I guess that is TBD?

5.  What is your favorite part about planning a wedding?
I'm going to say the stuff that a bride-to-be isn't supposed to say right now....my favorite part has been none of it.  My career is in wedding and event planning, so I have actually found planning my own wedding to be stressful, overwhelming and basically not enjoyable.  I love planning weddings for a living...mostly because I can bring the clients ideas to life and work with their money.  When it is money of my own and my parents that I am spending...it is a different story.  Ross and I want to own a home and move again, so spending thousands of dollars on a party is really hard to wrap my head around.  Mix that with the stress mentioned above and it makes for one cranky bride!  At least I get to marry my best friend at the end of all this though :)

6.  What would your fiance/husband say is his favorite thing about you?
I would hope he would say my determination.  When I decide on something, I make it happen.  Like with him...I decided I wanted to make it work so I packed my stuff and moved, end of story.  I definitely push him to try things wayyyyyy out of his comfort zone, which he usually always ends up loving.  I hope he likes that!! :)

Hope you ladies head over and link up!!

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  1. ahhhh you went to VOWS, that is exactly where I am headed when I am planning my wedding!!! Although that is kinda weird how the dressing rooms are set up! haha

  2. LOVE this! having fun together is definitely the most important thing!

  3. What is super funny is that I am in the middle of planning my own wedding and I have told a few close friends that I would LOVE to plan other people's weddings, but my own is just too close to home. You have to deal with in laws and your own mother and who to invite to certain things and it's really stressful! I try to not be complainy about it because ultimately its the marriage that is the most important, but it's definitely a roller coaster!

  4. That is so cute :) Found your blog from the link up and love it

  5. Thanks for linking up!! I never cried over my dress either... it was a pretty easy decision for this very indecisive girl!