So long, Long Weekend...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Those four days just flew by...and I am not excited that it is Monday again.  My weekend was relaxing, to say the least...and extremely uneventful.  Since it rained every day, there wasn't really any way to celebrate the 4th like there was a lot of TV watching, puppy cuddling and painting my nails.

Thursday Ross had to work until 2pm and I woke up to the pouring rain and no power.  Turns out about half my town was without power for the first part of the I couldn't even go get Dunkies!  I painted my nails and hung around with the puppies to keep myself entertained.

Watching the rain outside..

Festive nails

When Ross got home, we braved the rain and headed downtown for drinks and dinner.  We were completely soaked from head to toe so we ducked into Grill Marks and had some yummy booze-milkshakes.  This was a very stupid pre-dinner idea, because it did not sit well in my tummy and I ended up barely being able to eat dinner.  Womp womp!

Ross and our friend Cara trying to stay dry! 

We got home, watched the NYC fireworks and went to bed.  Talk about excitement!  I know, I know...sign me up for the nursing home now.

Friday Ross had to work again and I spent yet another rainy day with the puppies.

Rainy days are good for napping :)

Saturday we FINALLY got some sunshine for the first part of the day.  Ross was off work so we headed downtown to the tiny Farmer's Market and then sat and had some delicious lunch at Trio.  I seriously want to go back there today!  I have eaten there twice and both times it was amazing.

Irish band at the Farmer's Market

Finally seeing the sun!

Drink time :)

We got home after lunch and packed the doggies up to go to the dog park.  But literally 5 minutes after we got there, the sky opened up and we were completely drenched.  Our evening consisted of the gym and watching movies.

Yesterday Ross worked so I spent the day at the gym, cooking and relaxing with the puppies again.  

Penny is still feeling a bit under the weather so we wrapped her up last night to help her feel cozy!

Talk about a pretty boring weekend!!  Next Sunday is our three year anniversary we will hopefully have a bit more excitement going on!

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  1. Geez, the entire southern US just got soaked this weekend! Bleh! It's soo stinkin cute how your pups cuddle up together. Love it :)

  2. Isn't this rain we've had this summer so annoying? I know rain is a good thing and everyone has thriving gardens, but I am so sick of the rain! Also, I have to ditto your opinion on Trio's. Mike and I love it there!

  3. I'm pretty sure every posts I've read today included rain - so I know we're all not alone with this stupid rain!

    Love your nails - Essie is the best (OPI ain't too shabby either)

    Where's this farmer's market? It looks awesome!