Rain, sickness and exhaustion

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Today I woke up to yet another monsoon-like rainstorm.  Do I complain about the rain a lot?  Well sorry, but look at the next few days!  50% chance for the fourth...yuck! 
I am in a state of exhaustion today because Penny was up sick alllll night.  If that's what having an infant is like then no fucking thanks I'll pass.  MISERABLE.  A dog puking all night is definitely not enjoyable.  I almost fell asleep on my drive to work!  Thank goddddd I only have to work today and tomorrow then I am off for four days.  Trying to keep that in mind to motivate me!
I finally found the Target sandals that everyone's been wearing lately and bought a pair yesterday!  Sparkles brighten up a rainy day, right?? :)

I am lame today, sorry.  I'll try to be better tomorrow.
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  1. My coworker has those sandals and I love them. I never knew they were from Target! Might have to copycat ;)

  2. Love LOVE your sparkly shoes and your blue toes!! It's been raining nonstop here too... but horray for a 4 day weekend - rain or shine!

  3. Love those sandals!!!

  4. I'm a Target girl myself and will be circling back for a second look at those sandals! Perfection!

    leaner by the lake