The Calm After the Storm

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I actually don't know what the hell happened to us last was just that awful.  I will let the pictures tell the story.

Sitting in traffic...but excited to get to Charlotte!

Tailgating...see the clouds rolling in above Ross's head?

My pretty new dress!  When I got home Tuesday night Ross said "Let's go buy you a new outfit!"  so we did :)  and I was super excited to wear it for the show!

Then the trauma happened.  We got inside for the opening band, John Butler Trio...and right as they finished, the skies just opened.  It seriously was the hardest rain I have ever been in before.  They delayed the concert and sent everyone back to their cars because of safety concerns.  

We sat in the car for a while and then heard music playing and decided we might as well go back in, since we were soaked already.  We headed back into the show, covered in mud up to our knees and looking a mess.  After we had been in there for a while, I wandered over to the bathroom and then went back in the WRONG direction...and got completely and totally lost.  We didn't bring our phones back in because of how bad the rain we both spent the rest of the show searching through the crowds for each other.  Eventually, I just gave up and headed back to the car...knowing he would be there eventually.

I'd have to say...worst concert experience of my life.  But hey, could always have been worse.  At least neither of us got hurt or anything.  I do feel like I might die today though.  I guess standing in a soaking wet dress for 8 hours might do that to you.
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  1. awww. I've gotten lost at a concert before. NOT FUN.

  2. I hate that happened! You were so excited about this concert!

  3. Girl, you cannot catch a break! Your experience reminds me of when we saw Dave at Jazz Fest in New Orleans - it was SO muddy, I had mud up to my shins and kept losing my shoes every time I tried to lift my feet! I'm sorry you got lost, and that the concert sucked :( I know how much you were looking forward to it!

    But ps. I LOVE THAT DRESS! Looks awesome on you!!

  4. Oh no!! I know how excited you were too! Oh well... is your dress ok?!

  5. Oh no!! The night could have been salvaged if it wasn't for losing each other. I'm sorry you had such a bad night!

  6. UGH I hate when that happens. We've never lost each other, but the rain always puts a serious damper on the fun. it happened to us at Brad Paisley this year and we just left, thats how you know when your getting old

  7. Nooo! This blows! Sorry your concert night got all effed up. At least you got a cute dress out of the whole deal?