Wedding Wednesday - Coming Clean

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So I told you guys yesterday that we are officially moving back to Boston!  And that this is going to hugely impact our wedding plans and date.  The thing I have been trying to tell you guys for a while though is that we actually made the decision to cancel the wedding a few weeks months ago...after a lot of reflection and some various things that have been going on in our lives.  

At the beginning of the summer, actually even further back than that...I just haven't been feeling right about this big South Carolina wedding.  I have briefly mentioned some family issues here in the past, but throughout the past few months those issues have just continued to get even worse and worse.  That entire situation has put an unbelievable amount of stress on us and made a lot of this wedding planning pretty painful.  I just kept wondering why planning the day that I am supposed to be the happiest in the world was making me so totally miserable.

Another issue was the the idea of spending ALL of this money on one single day.  My parents are more than willing to take care of the wedding, but we don't want them to do that and don't think they should have to.  We have been committed to paying for as much of this wedding as we possibly can, but when we really looked at the dollar figure and thought of everything else we could do with the money, it seemed like a no-brainer.  We kept cutting so many things out of our budget to get to the number we wanted, but we were losing the actual integrity of the event...not to mention losing a honeymoon altogether!  Talk about no fun.

So back at the end of May, we made the decision to officially cancel the wedding.  We are still engaged and still planning to get married, but we just don't know when yet.  Now that the move has come up, things will be pretty hectic for not having the stress of a wedding actually feels really good.  I do want to get married in 2014...but when that will be, I can't tell you just yet!  And it might be a small wedding, it must just be Ross and I.  I guess time will tell!

Thanks to everyone for the sweet words of Congratulations yesterday too!  It always makes me so happy to know I have my bloggy community here for support!!  Ross and I are absolutely thrilled about this next journey in our lives!  And it officially marks state number 4 during our 3 year relationship :)  Hoping to keep it at 4 for a very long time.

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  1. i'm sure you made the right decision and your comfort and happiness is what's most important! being engaged as long as you want as long as you are a happy girl and he is a happy boy! everything will work out exactly like you want it to :) xoxo

  2. First, congrats on moving back to Boston! And I can't believe how brace you are to "come clean" with us. I commend you for knowing that what you need to do for yourself and your relationship. 7 years later my husband and I wish we would have done something small and in Mexico. Good job for knowing what was and wasn't right for you both...that is what is most important!

  3. i think you made the right decision. i did the same thing. we were gonna get married at the end of next month but last year i decided it was all really too expensive and too stressful and i also had family issues. we are both from boston, living in LA and want to get married back home, that added a lot of money and stress to the planning so i was like FORGET IT. like you said, something that is supposed to be so happy, it just should not be that difficult and miserable. Smart choice you made and congrats on moving back to Boston :)

  4. GOOD FOR YOU. It takes a lot of courage to make a big decision like that.

  5. Good for you! You should definitely do what is right for YOU and not anyone else. On that subject, if you are planning a tiny just-you-and-ross-wedding here in SC. CALL ME. That's my thing and I'll give you a deal. (Free if its courthouse. LOL.) But something tells me that it'll be Boston. :)

    Also, I can tell by your posts that you really miss Boston, so I'm happy that you're moving back. Being away from home is so hard!