House #12?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

This upcoming move with be the 11th for me and the 12th for Ross since we got out of college in 2009.  This will also be the fourth state we have lived in during our three year relationship.  You are probably thinking we are completely nuts...and maybe you're right.  Because moving this many times is a total pain in the ass!

Our entire attic is FULL of cardboard boxes...which we saved because we know how hard it is for us to settle.  When we moved to our new place in May we stuffed them all up there since we assumed we wouldn't be sticking around for long.  Also a large majority of our stuff is still in boxes.  There are just so many things we haven't ski they've stayed packed.

We have changed banks about 5 different times at least.  It seems like every time we move, the bank we have doesn't exist in the new state!  We have to change yet again this weekend...which screws up my direct deposit...and makes me angry!

No..that isn't my actual couch, but we do have pretty old random furniture.  That's what happens when you move so many times...there is no need to buy nice fancy stuff because it will probably be loaded up and moved in a few months anyway.  We are going through the process of selling off all of our furniture on craigslist right now though....which is a story for an entire post in itself.

Guys...moving this many times makes you so freaking poor.  No lie.  I really wish that money tree right there existed, because I sure as hell need it.  No more sushi dates in my immediate future!

The list of things we need to do before the move on the 27th is huge and expensive.

- Change bank accounts, cancel old accounts
- Forward mail
- Sell as much furniture as possible
- Possibly have a yard sale
- Rent U-Haul
- Upgrade my cell phone & our cell plan
- Attempt to find an apartment
- Pick up vet records for Penny and Seamus
- Ross's car needs work
- Oil change for my car
- Clean our entire house
- Pack everything we own
- Cancel all utilities

Okay so maybe it isn't that horrifying...but it feels like it right now.  My last day of work is the 16th and we don't leave until the 27th, so we still have a decent amount of time to get everything squared away.  I hate leaving things until the last minute though!

Have any of you guys been through a lot of moves?

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  1. ahhh i mean not to make you feel worse but I'd be overwhelmed too! but it's all doable and your'e a pro by now :)

  2. Ugh, this list is far too familiar!! I'm on my 3rd move in the past year and we're finally getting our furniture delivered on Monday to our permanent home (at least for the next 2-3 years - thank goodness!). I'm so ready to just be still for awhile and get settled somewhere, and to not sleep on an air mattress anymore! haha