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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life has completely taken over since I returned to Massachusetts.  We are busy literally 24/7...which is probably why I have the flu now.  Oh well.  I am completely swamped at work and by the time I finally get home we almost 97% of the time have plans for the evenings.  Every one of my weekends until November 2nd is completely booked...which feels amazing and overwhelming all at the same time.

So this little blog here has been completely neglected...and for once, I haven't thought about it at all.  I have decided that I am going to take a break for a while - indefinitely I guess.  I have too much going on and not enough time to devote to my blog.  Maybe I will be back, maybe I won't...for now I am just unsure.  There are a lot of exciting things going on in my life now and I have to make sure I can keep up!

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  1. Hi Jess! I just found your blog through Southern Bride Bloggers and am your newest follower! I am also a northerner (from CT) living in the South (Charleston, SC) and I am now planning my wedding, too.