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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Four months have gone by since I last sat down to blog and lately I have found myself missing everything about it.  The community, the freedom to write, the amazing posts from all of my favorite ladies...all of it.  I finally decided last night that I am ready to get back to City Sequins and the blogging community that I love. 
I have had SO many things happen over the past four months and have been busier than ever!  We moved to Boston, settled into our new jobs and new apartment, celebrated the holidays with my family and have a wildly busy social life now...much different from how things were in South Carolina!!  Being back with my family and friends has been absolutely amazing and I never realized how much I truly missed being in Boston until we came back.  The weather might be rough some days (ehhh like -10) but the past five months have been an absolute blast and I am very excited about everything coming up over this winter and summer!
Here is a huge photo dump from the past five months!!
September Red Sox game!!
Chi Omega wedding in NJ in October!
Central Park in October :)
Red Sox World Series Parade!
Thanksgiving on Cape Cod :)
Bar crawling in December :)
Catching up with friends!

NYE in Southie :)
Yankee Swap night with the girls!

Sunday Funday last weekend :)
If you didn't notice - many of my adventures have involved exploring the bars in my new section of the city, bar crawling and day drinking :)  Nothing wrong with that!!
We've also been spending a lot of time with these two munchkins!  They are loving their new city life - especially since they get to meet new doggies every day in our neighborhood, on walks and at the dog park.  We live .2 miles from the beach so there are tons of exciting places for us to go on walks and adventures. 
We also live right up the street from a very cute dog shop, which has quickly become a destination almost every weekend.  We can't walk by it without Seamus and Penny bee lining it for the door!
Over the next few weeks I am going to be working on getting back into blogging, re-doing the design and feel of City Sequins and really trying to find my blogging niche again.  I have a lot of new ideas and goals for 2014 and want to make this one of my best years yet.  
I'm SO excited to be back!
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  1. Welcome back! I took semi-break myself (and I'm still not in full swing) - sometimes, a break is just the right thing!