Monday Morning Exhaustion

Monday, March 31, 2014

I hate Monday.  Especially after my very fun, very busy, very tiring weekend.  Friday night we were planning to go out for sushi, but ended up going to one of our favorite local bars instead for dinner and some live was a blast and so nice just to have an evening for the two of us.  Saturday we woke up early and went for a nice three mile run and then spent the evening with friends at a bar near our apartment.  Yesterday we were planning on having a low key day, but ended up doing a complete 180 and having a wild Sunday Funday.  I am totally exhausted today and definitely need to get home to my couch!  

It may not feel like summer outside, but I couldn't resist buying Sam Summer all weekend!

Melissa, Cait, Lissi and I Saturday night at Shenanigans

Ross and I on Saturday night

Sunday Funday Shocktops

Me, Cait and Sarah for Sunday Funday at Stats!

This picture totally captures our craziness :)

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  1. Go Bruins!!!! I hate Mondays too :(

  2. Sounds like a perfectly busy weekend!! Way to get 3 miles in - the weather horrific - I barely wanted to go outside lol