#HIMYM Finale Recap and Thoughts

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last night one of my all time favorite shows ended, How I Met Your Mother.  The finale was emotional and so different than I ever had expected.  Here are some of my thoughts...

Robin & Barney
Basically the entire last season was gearing up to Barney and Robin's wedding.  All season I kept thinking that the wedding wasn't going to happen and that one of them would back out at the last minute...I almost was hoping for it because I just didn't imagine Barney and Robin staying married.  And then literally 10 minutes into the finale, they announced they got divorced.  It wasn't shocking, but it felt like such a let down.  We were forced to watch their wedding and marriage preparation for the entire season only to have it completely ripped apart within 10 minutes.

Barney Becomes a Dad
This was a shocker of a moment.  It makes sense for Barney to have a love child, since he is notorious for sleeping with any woman that he can...but it definitely caught me off guard.  Seeing him go from the playboy that he always was to a loving father was a huge change.  I didn't hate it, but I definitely didn't love it.

Lily & Marshall
Marshall finally becomes a judge, which he had been waiting years for!  I was so excited for this and to see them moving out of the apartment and having their third baby.  Their story ended so well, which I expected it to because of how perfect they are together.

Ted & Tracy
The whole premise behind #HIMYM was Ted telling his kids the story of how he met their mother Tracy.  This season we finally were allowed to meet her and get to know her and Ted and every part of their amazing relationship.  I loved seeing Ted let go and veer off course a bit (having their first baby before marriage and being engaged for five years)...those are things that Ted never would have done in the past.  He was always so hung up on Robin and wasn't able to truly move on from her until he met Tracy.  The horrible part was the ending.

Ted & Robin
The last 10 minutes of the show brought us the death of Tracy and the reunion of Robin and Ted.  I hated every second of it.  If Ted and Robin were going to work, then I wanted that to happen from the get go.  I know that Robin never wanted kids and wanted to focus on her career, but throwing them together at the end just felt unnecessary and forced.  I know they were trying to be realistic, but the kids acknowledgement of their father's love for 'Aunt Robin' was even worse.  Definitely a fail in my eyes.

How I Met Your Dad
If you haven't heard already, there is going to be a sequel called How I Met Your Dad.  I hate this and just assume it will be a failure.  I hope I am wrong.

Any other diehard #HIMYM fans out there?  What did you think of the finale?

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  1. So I didn't watch the entire final season, but watched the last episode and I'm really mad like you said that they dragged the wedding out into almost the entire season!! I cried when Barney held his baby girl for the first time - so sweet (I'm a sap!) I was really sad that the mom died too - I read that the kids talking scenes were actually filmed the first season the show started so that the boy wouldn't age so much...so they had no idea what was happening the entirety of the show!! I'm really happy Ted and Robyn ended up together - made me happy - with the blue instrument!

  2. I've been stewing over this since the finale last night. I can't decide if I really love it or really hate it. Honestly, I'm so torn. As soon as they showed Ted at the window I literally yelled, "He's going to be holding the blue french horn!" There was something about it that I loved but I didn't really like who Robin became. Mixed feelings, for sure.