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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

For the past few years, since my first move across the country, I have been feeling an overwhelming desire to travel.  I want to see the world, every part of it that I can possible get to and more.  I can't seem to settle down...the second I get to a new home, I am thinking about what location is next.  And now lately, for some reason, I cannot shake my desire to live abroad.

This fall I am heading to London and areas of Ireland for the first time and I literally cannot wait.  I have thought for a while that I would like to live in London some day, so being able to get there and see it for myself is something I have been dying to do.  Hearing about living there from my friend Christine has made me even more interested in pursuing a move abroad.  I want to throw myself into something new and unfamiliar and learn about things I have never seen or done before.

The trouble is that these types of vacations and moves cost a lot of money, something that Ross and I have not really had for the majority of our relationship.  We aren't suffering by any means, we are comfortable and get by with what we have.  But we don't have extra thousands to spend on traveling and experiencing the world.  I know so many people who take trips all the time but we just haven't gotten ourselves to that stage of life yet.  I really feel like this could be the year where we are able to take control and start doing the big things that we want to do.  We have made some of the first steps, by paying off some bills and making more money, and now we are both positioning ourselves to be in jobs that could really boost our careers and take us to the levels we want to be.  

For those of you who have lived abroad or traveled extensively - how have you made that happen?  Many of my friends travel with their jobs, which is a huge perk in my eyes and definitely something I want to try to target in my career.  Where have you been and where would you recommend going?

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  1. I use my cash-back reward points on my credit cards for travel! I use my credit card to pay for EVERYTHING (and then immediately pay it off), but I earn at least $20 a month per card on purchases I have to make anyway (gas, groceries, restaurants, etc.). After a year or so, I have almost $500 in cash-back, which is a free plane ticket somewhere fun! I also have a frequent stay account with Hilton Honors so I get points when I have to travel for work. After awhile, it adds up to a free night or weekend!

  2. I'm sure this will happen for you both!! Travel is something that is so much better than material things because you'll never forget the memories!! I traveled and lived abroad when I was in college thanks to a really great study abroad program - since college I've been able to travel by saving and honestly even when I don't have all the money for the ticket in savings I still buy it - because I'll pay it back real quick!!! not sure if I could permanently live abroad though...would miss my family too much!! Can't wait to see where you decide to head to!