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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yesterday I promised some apartment pictures, so here they are!  We live in a teeny tiny apartment, it is only about 600 square feet for the four of us, but we make it work and actually really enjoy our cozy space.  Our back yard is what makes the apartment worth it and I will definitely post pictures of it once the snow is gone and the yard is spruced up for the summer!

We live on the bottom floor, so our kitchen ceiling is a bit lower than the rest of our apartment.  This first shot is of our entry way, where our dining room table and front door are located.  

Right behind this is our teeny tiny kitchen space.  We have very little counter top space, but we have done a fantastic job of making this apartment work for us.  We actually lived in a smaller apartment in Utah and so we are very good at adapting to living in tiny spaces.

Our kitchen and living room are open to each other so it feels a lot bigger than it really is.  We also have the small windows between our bedroom and living room, which make the space feel lighter.

We also have some really fun pictures hung in our apartment.  This map of Boston was something I bought when we lived in South Carolina and just love the look of it in our Boston home!

I also just bought these two owl prints last week.  I am a Chi Omega and our mascot is the owl, so you can find owls all over our apartment!

Here is my new favorite addition to our apartment - the bar cart!  I added some more stuff to it last night to dress it up and am now in the market for a fancy shaker!  I am totally in love with it though.

Sorry for the horrible Iphone pictures...I really need a camera one of these days!

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  1. Love the built ins and the bar cart!! Super cute space! I feel ya on tight quarters - city living in its finest! haha

  2. I actually think your apartment looks great, Jessica. The photos might have not given it much justice, but I think it looks wonderful even with the low quality camera. I love the red sofa, by the way. Where did you get it from? Keep us posted! Thanks for giving us a tour! All the best to you! :)

    John Lambert @ Cape Coral Lots