Kicking off Roof Deck Season

Monday, April 14, 2014

This weekend was extremely busy and ridiculously fun.  Every weekend that goes by I am reminded of how happy I am to be back in Boston and how lucky I am that I was able to make this move happen.  We are always doing things that make me so excited to be here.  

Friday night Ross and I went out for dinner at our favorite local bar and hung out to watch the Red Sox and listen to some great music.  I had a hair appointment early Saturday to finally get my hair cut and Ross was going golfing, so we kept Friday night relatively low key.  

After my hair appointment Saturday I came home and had a very traumatic experience.  Ross was getting ready to leave to golf and Penny and Seamus ended up getting out of the backyard.  They took off down our insanely busy street and we had to sprint after them to catch them before anything horrible happened.  I was so scared and so mad at them for running off!  Luckily everything was fine and they returned home in one piece, although they were very ashamed of their actions.

Snuggling together, very guilty.

After Ross finished golfing we headed to one of our friend's houses to relax on the roof!  It was absolutely gorgeous out and we were able to take in some sun and beer!

Check out that view!!

I tried this grapefruit beer - it was delicious!!

After roof deck sitting for a while, we went to another friend's house to grill up some dinner before heading out to the bar!!  We had a really fun night and got to check out a new bar right by the water, which I loved.

Sunday we met up with friends for brunch and then did some errands.  The weather cleared up for the afternoon and we were able to get the dogs to the beach again, which was great.  

This week is a big week - Ross started his new job today and his birthday is next Sunday!  We both have Friday off so we have some really fun plans lined up for the weekend.  Friday we are going to do the Harpoon Brewery tour and then reggae night that night...Saturday I am taking him to a surprise Red Sox game...Sunday is Country Night at a local favorite bar and then the Boston Marathon next Monday.  I have a feeling it is going to be a wild, exhausting weekend!  Can it be Friday already?  

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  1. The harpoon brewery tour is probably the best one in Boston!! Loving the roof deck views!! Glad your pups are safe and sound!! Happy Monday!

  2. Oh my gosh, the puppy story made MY heart skip a beat!
    I am glad they are okay, and that you guys had a great weekend!

  3. I'm a new follower from your Believe in the Sparks guest post! So glad your dogs are ok, I would've had a heart attack if mine did that! I have to ask, what breed is your dog on the left in the above pic?! She looks IDENTICAL to mine and all I've heard is that she's a boxer mix. She's a rescue so I don't know her background at all, but I've never seen a dog look so much like her!