Spring is Here!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

It has taken a while, but we are finally starting to get some warm weather!!!!  I cannot believe how bad this winter was, but at least things are looking up.  We actually are going to be in the mid 50's all week and may hit 60's next weekend!  Roof deck season has arrived :)

This weekend was an exhausting one!  Friday was Opening Day, so I left work early and hurried home to watch the Ring Ceremony and game.  The ceremony was one of the most emotional things I have seen in a long time...I literally cried from start to finish.  It encapsulated so much of the past year for Boston and really was beautiful.  Made me so proud to be a Bostonian!  Despite the amazing ceremony, the Sox went on to lose all three of their games against the Brewers this weekend...womp womp.  At least tonight starts a new series against the Rangers, hopefully they can get into their stride.

Friday night Ross and I met my friend Melissa at our local favorite bar and just hung out, listened to great music and had a lot of beer.  Look at how perfect this Guinness pour is?!  I had to be at work at 9am Saturday and my head was definitely hurting!

Saturday afternoon we did some roof deck sitting at our friend Cait's and then I had a birthday dinner for my friend Caroline at the Back Bay Social Club.  I was exhausted though so I headed back home to my bed after dinner!

Sunday morning we went for a long run with the doggies and then headed to the Cape for the day to see my parents!  We had a delicious lunch at a cute little Irish pub near their house and I got some shopping time with my mom.

My dad got to go to Opening Day and got some amazing pictures...but this one has got to be my absolute favorite!!!  I am so jealous he was there!

This is Ross's last week at his current job and we have a lot going on - yet another busy week ahead!
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  1. I love back bay social club - their brunch is really good!! This weekend could not have been more beautiful - so happy the weather is finally getting better!

  2. How fun!! That view of the water is amazing!!

  3. Ahhh, I need to come visit. Like ASAP!

  4. Loved seeing your pictures and especially the water shot. I live in Charleston, SC and thoroughly enjoy spending time at the beach. It seems that much of our fun times are spent near the ocean.
    I have an Etsy custom monogramming business called Southern-Linens and I enjoy creating pillows with a nautical theme when people request them.