Five on Friday

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday, we meet again.  It was a long week, with a LOT of exciting things going on!

:: one ::  

Today is officially Opening Day at Fenway Park!  My dad gets to go to the game and will be seeing the Ring Ceremony for the 2013 World Champions!  I am beyond jealous, but am leaving work early to get home to see the game at 2!

:: two ::

Yesterday was beyond stressful at work, so for lunch I ventured out to my local watering hole for a few cold, refreshing Sam Summers.  It was so needed and helped me relax before heading back to meeting after meeting for the rest of the day.

:: three ::

I am absolutely obsessed with this print!!  I saw it yesterday and am dying for it.  I was thinking about being crafty though and making it myself...maybe just a bit different.

:: four ::

So I mentioned Ross having some interviews last week...well he got a new job!!  He is going to be teaching 5th grade math at a local middle school!  We are both sooooooooooooo thrilled for him and this new adventure/chapter in his life and career!

:: five ::

I can't wait to see these two!

Tomorrow I have to work in the morning but at night I have a big girls night out for one of my friend's birthdays and then Sunday we are going to the Cape to see my parents for the day!  The weather is supposed to be in the mid 50's all weekend so I am ready for some relaxing, cocktails and sunshine!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think there is something in the air - because this week has been thoroughly hard over here as well!! Enjoy the weekend and the cape!!