Summer Days are stay?

Monday, May 12, 2014

I think every Monday my posts seem to start out with "Holy crap I was so busy this weekend."  Well this week is no weekend was insane.

Friday night was a very late night at work and after an extremely stressful day, I was ready to get out and have some fun.  Ross and I went to our local favorite place, Junction, and then headed down the street to another one of our favorite bars for Reggae Night.  We had an absolute blast and danced the night away to stop amazing tunes.  I will be there every Friday for sure!

Saturday morning I woke up to frantic calls from my event staff with a ton of random last minute wedding problems, so I threw a dress on and went into work for the day...womp womp!  The wedding ended up going extremely well and was absolutely beautiful.  

I was able to make it home just in time for some roof deck Battleshots and the Bruins game.  We went out with a big group of friends and had another night of celebrating the B's win and dancing like crazy.  The bar we went to had an amazing DJ who played tons of old school jams which were a blast to dance to.

Sunday was Mother's Day...and although I didn't get to see my mom, I will on Saturday!!  

Ross and I had plans during the day and were able to get some sun and have some delicious beers by the water.  Isn't that view absolutely spectacular?

Today I had the day off to get some errands done and was busy all day!  Grocery shopping, laundry, Target, was crazy.  Tonight the B's play again...let's hope they take it home!

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  1. Busy! Busy! Busy! But it sounds like a really fun kind of busy!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I haven't had a good old fashioned night of dancing in forever. PS-loving your dark hair!!!