Wedding Wednesday: The Dress Debate

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In December of 2012 right after Ross and I got engaged, I came to Boston for the holidays and decided to go wedding dress shopping with my parents and my maid of honor.  On that trip we went to two stores, I tried on about 8 dresses and ultimately found "the one" at the second store.  That dress is now hanging in my parents guest bedroom where it has been for almost a year and a half.  Every time I visit home, I open it up and look at the gorgeous dress, wondering when the hell I will ever get to wear it.

Now that we have decided to start planning the big day, I all of a sudden have this feeling like I should go look at dresses again.  On the 17th we are heading down to my parents to do some venue searching, so I am thinking about trying the dress on again for reassurance...and to see how much weight I need to lose :)  I am hoping that I will remember how much I loved it and it will convince me that I shouldn't go look for another dress!

But in the mean are some dresses that I have seen lately and am drooling over!

  Monique Lhuillier - via Style Me Pretty

Jenny Yoo - via The Knot

Reem Acra - via Nordstrom

Kenneth Winston - via The Knot 
I am obsessed with this one!!

Did any of you ladies buy a dress and then change your mind?  How far in advance did you find your dress?

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  1. i bought my dress the end of January and it arrived in July our wedding was October. It took me 3 trips to 'visit' the dress before I ordered it and looking back I wouldn't have picked anything else I tried on! I also didn't have an OMG moment when I was trying them on either so don't get frustrated!

  2. I'm sure you'll still love the dress you picked - I mean you chose it for a reason!! I went to about 4 different places before I found the one and I knew right away - water works and everything!! Didn't even look at another bridal magazine after that - too much temptation lol!

  3. I bought my dress at a Sample Sale and ultimately had to make a decision about it that day since it was a traveling trunk show. I bought it and never looked back!

  4. I ordered my dress online, and I never looked back. We had a short engagement of only five months, so there wasn't really time for second thoughts on my dress. But I knew exactly what I wanted when I started looking at dresses (a short swing or "fit & flare" style), and I knew my dress was IT without even needing to try it on.

  5. I bought my dress almost a year in advance. Everyone advised me against it but I loved my dress the day I put it on, and when I wore it on my wedding day.
    We always know what kind of dress we want, and when we find the one, you just have to go for it!

  6. I bought my dress a little over a year in advance (early April 2013). I definitely worried when I went to try it on again once it came into the store (June 2013), and then again when I didn't try it on until after the holidays (cue weight loss panic - luckily i was good!). I was so happy with my dress that I never really gave it another thought to get another one. In fact, all of the wedding dress shows started to make me laugh even more and it further reassured me that I got the right one! It also helped that I brought girlfriends with me to reassure me, too!

    I hope you still love yours! Since I'm late responding to this, did you try it on again? How did it go???