Red Sox, Beer & Sunshine

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

When an amazing week/weekend is over it feels like a part of my fun dies a little bit.  This past week was definitely one of my most fun weeks in Boston ever!

Let's start with last Wednesday!  The new Johnny Depp movie "Black Mass" which is about Whitey Bulger is being filmed alllllll around my neighborhood so after work I did a little celeb scouting and tried to find him.  I didn't, but I saw a ton of filming and got a shot of these cool old cars they are using.  That night I went out for an amazing birthday dinner with three of my bridesmaids and had drinks, delicious food and some really fun gossip!

Thursday was a really exciting day!  I won a wedding giveaway for a gift certificate and then my boss gave me two tickets to the Sox game...where they won!  They were great seats and Ross and I had a freaking blast!

Friday I spent the day prepping for our weekend weddings at work.  Check out these DIY centerpieces...the brides mom made them!  So gorgeous!

Friday night Ross and I relaxed at home because he had big surprise plans for us on Saturday!!  We spent the night with the doggies, watched some movies, had drinks and just laid on the couch.

Saturday I woke up for my Surprise birthday day!  Ross cooked me a delicious breakfast, we took the doggies for a nice long walk and then headed to our first destination...the Sam Adams brewery!  We did the tour and were able to enjoy some delicious Sam beers all morning/afternoon!  Then we headed home to take care of the doggies before our next stop...

Which was another Red Sox game!!!!!!!!!  If you've been following this blog for a little while you will know that I am a freaking lunatic about the Sox!  Two games in three days, uhhh yes please!  We went to dinner at Lansdowne first and had some delicious beers and shots :)  Then we headed to the game, which couldn't have been more perfect!

We actually sat up on the Coke Deck, which was a first...and the view was spectacular!

They also ended up winning and are finally back on track to turn 2014 into a great season!

Sunday was a family day...we spent the entire time outside working on cleaning up our back patio/yard for the summer.  The space is small but it is the perfect size for hanging out and letting the doggies get some sun and space to run around.  We made a Home Depot run, cleaned the entire area and then were able to sit out and get some sun!

Last night we did the exact same thing.  After an extremely long day at work, we sat out with some beers, good music and the doggies!  We head to our first Dave Matthews concert of 2014 on Saturday, so we are getting in some good DMB listening this week to get ready!  Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What a perfect weekend!! I love that they are filming it all around boston and all the vintage cars are so cool!!