Wedding Wednesday: The Church

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A few weeks ago I told you guys about our amazing reception venue that we fell in love with on Cape Cod!  After deciding that we really loved it, I was faced with the task of finding a ceremony venue.  We want to have the ceremony in a Catholic church and many times it is hard to find one that will marry you there if you do not belong to that particular parish.  I called about 10 different churches in the week after finding our venue and was having so much trouble getting in touch with people or even getting any phone calls back.  A lot of the old church ladies were very rude to me too!!  It was super frustrating and felt like we weren't going to be able to find anything.

I finally ended up talking to the sweetest woman at a church right near my venue and decided that it is the perfect location!  Surprisingly it is a church that I have been to probably a hundred or so times in my life too.  It is located 9 miles from our venue and only 5 miles from my parents house, so it really is in the perfect location.  The church is gorgeous both inside and out and will be the perfect place to say "I Do"!

We are really excited that our plans are finally starting to come together!  The next year is going to be so much fun and I cannot wait for the planning and celebrating!!

Wedding WednesdayNC Belle In Boots

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  1. I feel the same sentiments. I talked to my priest last night, who I have known for about 18 years. I told him how our church search was awful, for the same reasons. I am military, and my fiancé lives in the city in which we are getting married. I called about 7 churches, and finally found one that would "take us". Very disappointing that churches do this to people!

  2. What a pretty church. It looks like you will have a lot of natural lighting which is perfect for pictures! :)

  3. I love how bright the church is!! My friend that got married at a church in Charleston had the same woes with the women getting back to her or being snippy with her!! You'd think they'd be nicer lol

  4. What a beautiful church!! I love it!

  5. Oh my gosh this church is stunning!! I found you via the linkup! Happy wedding planning dear!! :)

  6. The church is so charming! Happy for you guys that it worked out!