Wedding Wednesday: My Last Wedding

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Saturday night was my last wedding ever as a wedding planner!  It went off without a hitch and was actually a lot of fun.  It was a long day but definitely worth it!  

Setup for the musicians during the ceremony

Chairs for the ceremony

Setting up for the reception under the Sperry Tent

'Living Wall' behind the band setup

Wagon (which eventually had a lemonade station on it)

Tent during the crazy dance party!

A closeup of the moss chandeliers

I did a really bad job of taking pictures!  The wedding was gorgeous though and the couple was thrilled.  

Today is officially my last day of work!  I am a bit sad to say goodbye to weddings, but am so relieved that I won't be dealing with brides anymore and cannot wait to move on to the next very exciting chapter in my career!!
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  1. I'm sure it was a stunning garden wedding ceremony - and they could not have had better weather!!