Finally Back in Action

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The busiest week of the my planning season is officially over!  Last week I had four extremely large events, ending on Saturday night with my last wedding ever.  I will recap it for Wedding Wednesday with lots of pictures!  

Thursday was a really rough day at work...and after giving my notice this week my boss has been less than kind.  I came home and went right out for drinks with Ross to relax and forget about the week and weekend ahead.

Friday was setup day for the wedding and it was crazy.  The tent went up, lighting came in and I was with vendors literally all day long.  I was running around all day but it was gorgeous weather and perfect for an event!

Friday night I had no plans to go out because of how long my Saturday was going to be, but I gave in and went to the bar with some friends.  My best friend Jess moved into a new apartment and I met one of her roommates for the first time...she was awesome!  We had an absolute blast and danced like crazy.  I definitely was paying for it Saturday morning at work...

Saturday I worked from noon until 3am and let me just was insane.  The wedding was gorgeous though and the couple was so happy.  Can't wait to recap it later this week!

Sunday was a beach and country music kind of day!  We sat out on the beach for the entire day...and my skin is absolutely paying for it now with a serioussssss sunburn.  Hopefully it goes away quick and I can be nice and tan for Mexico :)

Last night was Country Sunday where one of our favorite local country artists plays acoustic at a bar down the street from our house.  He is absolutely amazing and we are seeing him and his entire band again on Saturday after the Zac Brown Band concert!  We had a a little too tipsy for a Sunday, but it was all worth it and okay with me since this is my last week at my job anyway :)

Now just two more days of work, two days of errands and then ZBB on Saturday!!  Can it be the weekend already?
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  1. Phew I'm tired just from reading that!!! Sorry to hear your boss hasn't been kind - but at least you're almost done!! I love tent weddings so I can't wait to see the recap!

  2. Sounds like a whirlwind! Congrats on your last week- so exciting :)

  3. Holy busy girrrrl, but sounds so fun!

  4. What a fun (but very busy!) weekend!!