I'm a bad blogger :(

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm sorry for being MIA this week!  I had the wildest week at work and have been going nonstop!  I am finally now on vacation and can breathe for the next few days before I head to Boston!  I fly out on Christmas day and will be there until Jan 1.  The blog will definitely be neglected while I am gone, but I will return with lots of pictures to capture the debauchery of the week. 
I have some venue tours scheduled for the week as well as two dress appointments!  I am SO excited to try wedding dresses on for the first time!  And maybe I will even find a venue.  We booked our trip to Vegas so we are really hoping to nail a location down by mid-March!!

So sad to leave him for the holidays! :(

My little guy hurt his paw yesterday so he was feeling very sad.
First day of vacation cuddle-sesh
Ross's Christmas gift from my parents...he is psyched.
Happy Friday!!
xoxo, Jess