Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This week's Wedding Wednesday is similar to last week, but really focuses in on what Ross and I are stuggling with right now.  Location.
We have a small(-ish) budget and are really struggling to find any spots that will fit into this budget but still have the things that we want.  Our top priorities are:
1. Proximity to a hotel for guests
2. Packaged bar rates (our friends drink toooo much for us to afford an on-consumption bar!)
3. Some sort of meaning to our lives
4. NO ballrooms!
We have some appointments in Charleston this Saturday to see a few venues and then I have started booking some appointments for when I am home in Massachusetts in a few weeks, so we are hoping to have narrowed it down within the next few months. 
Another topic that we have now started discussing is wedding party.  We both have agreed on four bridesmaids and groomsmen and now are getting ready for the fun part...figuring out how to ask them!  Ross is a guy so for him it isn't too difficult, but I am trying to think of a creative and meaningful way to ask my lady friends!  I am going to ask three of them when I am home for the holidays, but one I won't be able to see during that trip unfortunately.  I have been thinking of sending flowers, maybe buying them matching necklaces, or even doing framed photos of us with a funny "Top Ten Reasons You Should Be In My Wedding" list..but haven't been able to decide!  Any suggestions?! 
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Happy Hump Day!
xoxo, Jess