Chicago Day 1

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello from Chicago!!  Today was the first day of my conference.  I got in last night after a very bumpy flight and immediately ordered a $45 burger and jumped into my huge king size bed for Miss America.  Today I got to sleep in and eat another absurdly priced meal and then headed off to my first day of meetings.  The conference was interesting today but I hate being here alone! 

View after taking off in SC
Part of the skyline from my room..
My $45 burger and fries!!!!

My hotel is GORGEOUS!!
The $30 breakfast I had this morning..

Looking out at the city!

This picture is impossible to see, sorry.
Conference outfit #1
Fat kid dinner...the most amazing Deep Dish pizza from Lou Malnatis!!! 
Tonight I am focused on the Golden Globes, Downton Abbey & Girls.  So much TV, so little time!
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  1. I love Chicago and that is my favorite pizza! I can't believe the cost of hotel food- I hope your company paid for it!