First Things First...and shopping!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Good Morning!!  I am linking up for First Things First this morning before I head out to do some serious Michigan Ave shopping!  It is about 20 degrees out so I have to get SUPER bundled up though!
First Thing I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up
I don't remember when I was really young...but the first memory I have of wanting to be something was when I was around 11-12 and figured out that I wanted to be a business owner.  That hasn't changed one bit.  I also have cheerleaded since I was 11 and always thought I'd like to own a cheer gym...but I have since gotten over that dream.  Entrepreneur...that one stuck.
First Time I Flew On a Plane
I was 2 and went to California with my mom to see my godmother.  I don't remember this, but my mom told me that the flight attendants let me help them because I was so anxious to see what they were doing.  I hate flying now though...even though I do it so much!
My First CD
I loved the Spice Girls!  One of my friends and I used to record ourselves singing their songs and make up dances to, right?  And yea, when they performed at the Olympics this past year I felt like I was reverting back to my 10 year old self...I definitely sang along!  They were so great!
Come link up with us for First Things First to talk about the First Thing You Wanted to Be When You Grew Up, First Plane Ride and First CD.
Shopping Time!!!!!!  Can't wait to show you what I find later :) 
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  1. Ah, the Spice Girls! That was definitely one of my first CD's too, and my friends and I totally made up dances and stuff to their songs - all the way through our senior year of high school we were still doing that... embarrassing or awesome? I'd say awesome :)

    Thanks for linking up with us today!

  2. oh my gosh. I was so oddly obsessed with the spice girls, between the CD and the movie Spice World I literally was surrounded by every spice!
    miss them:(

    Thanks for linking up love:)

  3. That was my first CD too!! I remember singing it so loud and annoying my poor family! Even though they have changed so much since, I was too excited when they reunited for the Olympics haha!

    Have a great weekend!