Thoughts for the New Year..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One thing I've really been thinking about lately is out to actually get 'out there' and figure out where I belong down here in SC.  Ross and I are struggling to find friends and a place for us here in the south.  We don't know anyone.  Literally.  Not a soul.  I work with almost all older people and am pretty isolated in my job...and he has a similar situation at his job.  We live in a small neighborhood full of families with small kids, so we feel really stuck.  I am going to focus January on finding ways to really get out and do some things.  I live here now so instead of being miserable I need to find out what we can do to enjoy the south!  And make some damn friends!!
I found this link up is so great to be able to follow bloggers from your area!  I found some cool restaurants to try by following a fellow Upstate blogger already!
Any suggestions for figuring out life in a new state?!
xoxo, Jess