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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey beautiful followers!  I am the definition of a homeless person today.  Wanna know why?  Watch the vlog below.  Yea, that happened.

One day when I am a "real" blogger I will look back on things like that and be so ashamed and hate myself.  But today, I am okay with it.  I have some sort of weird stink eye thing going on and clearly look like I have had a few cocktails, but that is fine.  And my lisp that I seriously convince myself doesn't exist in "real life" is so apparent in video....and also mortifying.  Guys, if you haven't clicked 'unfollow' yet, I FLOVE you.  Oh and hey to all of my potential/future employers who probably googled my name and stumbled upon my blog...check me out!  Obvi you want to hire me.
ANYWHOOOO...link up with us this week!  I would love to hear your theme song and am hoping it is more creative than mine is!!

30 Second Thursdays

 I also have some crazy life things happening.  Besides the wedding planning, I am trying to make some big decisions coming up in the next few weeks!  Have any of you guys ever had an opportunity presented to you that you just HAVE to jump at?  But when you think about it logically it might not be the "right" choice for that particular time in your life?  For example...maybe the PERFECT job comes along, but you would take a significant pay cut...what would you do?  I am facing a question like this right now, where my wallet says one thing but my heart and head say another!  Why does being an adult have to be so hard sometimes? 
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  1. I can't get your vlog to work on my phone. I'll try again when I get home. Good luck with your big decision. Life can be so tricky sometimes!

  2. I LOVE that song! :D Im big on country too! :P hahahaha Good luck with your big decision!

  3. you were supposed to enter the room!!!! but that is always an awesome song (:

  4. Ha you and I must have a drinking problem to choose songs with alcoholic beverages featured in them. That's okay, live it up!

    Stopping by from the linkup!