Have you thought about Valentines?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

No?  Me either.  Well until right now.  Ross and I are gearing up our livers and bank accounts for Vegas...so we will definitely be staying in and having some cheap wine, tequila or vodka...or all three.  Whatever.

But for those of you who want to really get out there and celebrate wit yo man...I decided to put together some 'man present' ideas!

1. The coolest sunglasses you will ever see. These are made by Shwood and are actually hand made wood glasses. I got a pair for Ross for his birthday last year and he flipped his shit. Wears these puppies all the damn time.
2.  Beer festival.  This one explains itself.
3. Beertender.  Ross also owns this and I thought he was going to shed a tear when he opened the box.  It is an in-home keg for the Heineken and Newcastle mini-kegs.  Pours out of a real tap, ice cold beer...any man (or beer lovin lady)'s dream.
4.  Boat shoes.  If your man doesn't have a trusty pair of Sperrys then get yo ass to Nordstrom and buy them now.  Macy's also.  These are the most wonderful shoes...for girls and boys...and can be worn ANY TIME for a guy.  With jeans...khakis...shorts.  They are the shiz.
Okay ladies, get shopping. 
You're welcome. 
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