Let's go to the beach, 'each...let's go get away

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yesterday I was browsin through my blogs, just creepin on all my lady loves, and something really hit me.  Why the hell don't we live near the beach?  Seriously.  It is hot as balls here in SC and I am a 4.5 hour drive from the ocean.  That is too damn far.
There are so many reasons why living at the beach is better.
First...you can tan on the beach.  Not in my lame backyard....on the actual sand while listening to the waves and drinking lots of booze.
Second...boats.  Who doesn't like partying on a boat?
And what about bars on the beach? COME ONNN.
Just look at this picture....what the hell is this and why can't I be there?!
Or for all you Florida biddies out there...what the eff.  I am super envious of your Floridian life right now.  You can just jet off to the beach one day or decide 'Hey...I am totally in an Epcot kinda mood' and get all boozed up and fat on turkey legs at Disney. 
Not fair.  That is what I've decided.  I want a season pass to Disney, the beach outside my door and booze constantly flowing.  Is that so much to ask?
Since I am dying for the beach, some booze and some country I figured I'd "back it up" with my sexy man Luke this week.
Happy Friday :)
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  1. Hi! I saw it said your were from SC and 4.5 hours from the beach! I am in SC too and about the same amount away from the beach! What part are you from? New follower from link up!

  2. The 4th pic is Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores. Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome. Come on down to Bama and we can go! On the other hand, it's cool you're far enough north to have seasons and see the leaves turn!

  3. I would like to live on the beach...near the beach...something with the beach. Sigh.

  4. 2 reasons living at the beach year round would not do it for me
    1. Hurricanes
    2. Bike Week

    But for real.. during the summer I think we need to do an SC-Blogger-Timeshare!

    And why does it seem like driving to the beach from the upstate takes SOOOO long. But then when you realize you've covered almost the entire state in just 4.5 hours it's like we are tiny as whoa!

  5. I'm a 3 hour drive from the beach. Ugh, but I totally understand! I'd live there full time if I could!

  6. I *do* love living in Florida! I'm not close enough to just pop into to Epcot or Disney on a whim, but I certainly can get to a beach pretty dang quickly!

  7. I wish I lived on the beach too! I live about 90 minutes away, but it's the New Jersey shore so it's not as pretty as those pics! We can still party on boats though! :)

  8. Living beside the beach is very ideal. But I think it won't be practical to some people who work in the city like me. However, we do a family outing every Sunday. This may be costly, but the idea of going on a place with your family is definitely worth it.

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