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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sorry for my silence yesterday...I was in yet another training day at work and never found the time to blog.  Once I got home I had a headache and just wanted to cuddle with my two fur babies.  I hope everyone had a spectacular hump day though! 
Today kicks off my two week countdown till Boston...and I am seriously so excited.  I need that dirty water right this very second.  I can't wait to see my parents and love up on all of my best friends...and get lots of drinks and dancing in!  It will hopefully be a fantastic weekend.

Tomorrow is 'Take Your Penny to Work Day' for me...everyone in my office is dying to see her and since Fridays are half days (aka I don't go in on Fridays)...I figured I'll make the drive and bring her in!!
She obviously loves to be photographed
I feel like this week has completely flown by.  It is almost Saturday again...which is wonderful news.  We don't have big plans, but the weather should be gorgeous so some R&R with the doggies sounds like the best plan to me.
Ross and I were looking at our wedding budget and all of our wild car/student loan/credit card debt the other day and started going back to the idea of eloping again.  For all of you married ladies out there...do you ever regret spending as much as you did on your wedding?  Did you ever consider eloping?  I just keep thinking of all of the stuff I could do with this money and it makes my tummy hurt.
Happy Thursday :) 
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  1. I've thought about it plenty of times! It's not really an option for us, we both really want our families to be there, but there have been plenty of times when I've thought it would be so much easier (and cheaper!!!) to just elope.