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Monday, June 3, 2013

Can you believe that it is June 3rd already!?  This year is flyinggggg!  I love summer though and have a lot of exciting things on my agenda over the next few months.
First news of the day - I have officially lost 6lbs!!!!  I feel so proud of myself though for buckling down and getting serious about my eating and exercise over the past few weeks.  I am dedicating June to getting at least 5 more pounds off...hopefully :)
 This weekend was spent relaxing with Ross and the dogs and doing some wedding planning.  Saturday morning we hit the gym together and then went out for a really nice lunch.  The temperatures were high so it was nice to be inside in the air conditioning.  I also made the decision to take the GMAT's this fall!  I want to keep my options open and if I have a chance to go back to school in the next few years, I might as well take it.

This week will be pretty slow at I can catch up on all the stuff that hasn't gotten done over the month of May.  Then I head home to Boston next Thursday!
Got a pool for the puppies to keep cool!!
First run of June!
The reward for that run :)
Naps and movies all day Sunday
Sami's Shenanigans

Happy Monday!
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  1. Yay, congratulations! That's awesome!

  2. you go girl!! that is awesome! I am also taking the GMAT this fall.. well RE-taking it as it will be my third time taking it. It is hard! I took veritas prep and it helped a lot, but I am going to have a private tutor this time around! have a great week Jess!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss!!!

  4. Yay for losing 6lbs!!! That is awesome! I need to get in on that

  5. Congrats on the 6lbs and the run! Amazing!