200th post & Currently I'm..

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today is post #200 on the good old bloggy blog.  I actually can't believe I have kept it going this long...the first time I attempted to 'start blogging' I failed within a few weeks.  But this time around feels better and way more fun!  I've never done a 'Currently I'm..' post so I decided to bore you a bit with that today ;)

Currently I'm..

Wishing...I was home in my yard playing cornhole with Ross!  We just bought the set on Saturday and it has quickly reminded me why I loved this game so much in college.

Listening to...Mac Miller.  And he's getting me in the mood to party.

Missing...my cute Penny and Seamus!  And home.  Still haven't gotten over the MA withdrawals. 

Thinking about...what to do this weekend and for the 4th!  This will be the first 4th of July that Ross isn't working so we actually get to celebrate together.  And I have a four day weekend for it!  We just don't know what we are doing yet.

Hating...that I am STILL peeling and itchy from my absurd sunburn.  It has almost been in two weeks!!

Drooling over...this adorable Tory Burch case!  Too bad I don't have an IPhone 5 :( womp womp!


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  1. Beer and games = fun in the sun!Cute bloggy woggy.

  2. My family totally needs a cornhole set! Where did you get yours?