The let down

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If you've been living under a rock for the past eight weeks during playoff hockey then you don't know that the Bruins lost in game 6 last night.  And if you are a functioning member of society then you know about the depression that has swept my house and city.  Following Boston sports is like belonging to this intense, dangerous cult whose members are constantly teetering on the brink between insanity and elation.  We are passionate, obsessed, emotional, fanatical..whatever you want to call it.  But one thing we definitely are is dedicated.
The B's put up a hell of a fight in these playoffs, but Chicago just got it done instead.  The thing I love most about Boston sports though is that we wake up the next day ready for a new fight, right Sox?!  The first thing that came out of Ross's mouth after the barrage of profanity last night was " least the Sox are keeping it alive!!  Then Pats preseason starts Aug 9!"  Spoken like a true Boston fan.
And who knows...maybe we'll be back in Boston to cheer them on? :)
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  1. Twas a sad night, but you're right, they fought their asses off.

  2. it was a GREAT game though just a rough ending!