MORE shoes? Why, yes...thank you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I think you guys already know this...but I have a serious shoe problem.  I don't know when it happened, but one day I just started hoarding shoes and now I am about to hit 100 pairs.  And there is no sign of stopping anytime soon.  I recently became a VIP member at Shoedazzle and now I have enough credits and points for a free pair....which means I have been staring at their site all morning. 
Which ones are your fav?  I can't decide!!
Guest what else?  The rain has finally stopped.  Now I probably am cursing myself by saying this and it will start downpouring before noon...but hopefully not.  I am ready for sunshine so I can get my tan on.
I am not participating in Wedding Wednesday this week...I have a lot going on in the wedding department and will be back for some updates next week.  Here's a sneak peak though...tons of stuff to talk about.
I am craving a trip back to Vegas.  Vegas is like my crack.  I probably should just live there.  Actually I have tried to get Ross to move there multiple times and he has fought me on it.  My new tactic is applying to UNLV for grad school haha :)
Linking up with Shanna today :)

 Happy Hump Day!! 
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  1. They are all to cute, but I am loving those white wedges!

  2. They are all cute, but I think I like the first and third pairs best. :)