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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Hump Day lovelies :)  I am thrilled that we are one day closer to the weekend...I need some R&R! 
Sorry for my rant yesterday...some days a girl just has to get stuff off her chest!  I am feeling better today though and much more optimistic than yesterday.  It is definitely better to look at the bright side of things rather than feeling angry and upset.
The other day I noticed that Old Navy was having a sale on their athletic wear and jumped at the chance to get some new fancy workout clothes.  I got two pairs of the compression pants and wore one last night....SO comfy!!  I also got a new sports bra that I love.  I definitely am going to go back for some more so I can be stylish at the gym. 
I also won a giveaway yesterday from Tiffany at In Pursuit that I am so freaking excited about!  I have been drooling over a NuMe curling wand for a while now but the $160 price tag has prevented me from ordering one.  I am ordering this pink one right away and it better give me some crazy curls :)
Since today is also Wedding Wednesday - I have a few updates in that area as well.  First off, we ordered our wedding rings this weekend!!  I literally want it on my hand right this second.  I can't wait!  I also made the decision to cancel the church we had booked.  I started looking at the budget and the things that are really important to me...and a church was never one of them.  I just felt like it wasn't us and I was making decisions that were very 'typical' of a wedding.  I have started to get a bit caught up in the planning...kind of like Carrie did...and definitely need to focus back on what we want and what is most important to Ross and I, not anyone else.
There is a wedding festival tomorrow at the convention center here so I am heading to that to hopefully meet some florists and officiants.  I also have to find a limo or trolley company...and I think the festival will help me get a lot more information.
Save the Date's are going in the mail after my trip to Boston!  I really am focused on that...I cannot wait to get home and see my friends and family.  It seriously cannot come soon enough :)
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  1. The best advice I got when we first got engaged was to figure out what was important to us and what wasn't and then plan accordingly. Good for you :)

  2. ON athletic gear is the bomb! I love those compression pants!

  3. Hey Jess, I'm Ginny! I saw your link to Belle In Boots and had to stop by and say hey to a fellow engaged woman. Congrats! :)
    I'm getting married too. May 4th, 2014. That is so exciting that you picked out your rings! How fun! I have all of my rings ready to go. My fiance has not picked his. Mine was easy bcause my engagement ring came with a matching band so I didn't end up doing any fun ring shopping. Oh well. I just had my heart set on matching rings.

    Today I wrote a post about how social media, cell phones, and weddings don't mix and can ruin your special day. Be sure to read that for really juicy tips :)

    Followin you now! :)


  4. Have fun at the Wedding Festivals! They have such amazing vendors there :)

  5. hey lady! i just found your blog through wedding wednesday and i just love it! congrats on your engagement and just remember, despite all the bs that others throw at you, you're getting married to the love of your life and you're going to live happily ever after! xo