Becoming a Professional Packer

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sorry for the silence yesterday - this girl is very busy packing her life up yet again.

We had a very busy weekend just packing up all the shit we own, you know...the norm.  Then yesterday was an interesting one.  Ross was supposed to have a week left of work...but then decided he was just over it and wanted to leave for Boston much sooner.  So he changed his last day of work and here we are packing the rest of our stuff and leaving an entire week early.

I actually think I should become a professional packer.  I have this stuff down to a science.  The cleaning, where we box certain things, what fits in what just comes naturally for us now since we have moved so many times.  I am really hoping that we can settle into our new apartment and stay put for at least two to three years.  But I guess we will see what happens!

Here's a picture dump of the weekend...

Penny is all packed up and ready to go!!

Saturday morning hangover cure :)

Yes, they slept like this for a few hours.

They also go crazy for Octoberfest.

Anyone tried this gelato yet?  It is purely amazing.

Cheers to funemployment!

Bathing beauty!

Tubby time for these two crazy babies!

Last nights white pizza - before cooking!

Today is more and more and moreeeee packing!
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  1. I love the pic of the dogs sleeping and the shower caps. :) good luck moving!

  2. Talenti gelato is like crack, so good!! Good luck packing up!

  3. I so feel ya on the packing part. My husband and I moved to Four different states in our one year of being together. Texas, Illinois, back to Texas, Cali, and Nevada. I hope you settle a little because this time we moved, we just said okay time to stop moving. Its been really nice knowing that we have a place to be.

  4. I haven't tried that Talenti gelato, but their mint chocolate one is freaking amazing. Safe travels and yay for moving early!

  5. I love Talenti gelato! So good! My fav is the caramel sea salt!
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