On the Road Again

Friday, August 23, 2013

As you're reading this...I am somewhere driving up the east coast heading for Massachusetts!  We left around 4am and are hoping to get the entire 1,000 mile drive done in one shot.  Seriously...I am going to need a shot once this trip is over!  

We're staying with my parents on Cape Cod until we move into Southie (South Boston) on September 1st.  So this weekend we will be seeing my aunt and uncle, doing some shopping, relaxing a lot and definitely bringing the doggies to the beach!!  We have a ton to do next week before the move and I can't wait to show Ross around Boston and the Cape...since he's never been before!

I have some guest posts scheduled over the next few weeks while I get settled into Boston and my new job...and of course try to find internet as often as possible.  I will definitely try to get on here and update you all on our move and all the exciting stuff that has been taking place!  Follow me on instagram to see everything I'm up to!!

In honor of #BackThatAzzUp Friday and my move...I have one of my favorite throwbacks for you today, which has always reminded me of Boston and raging with my girls!

Fire Burning On The Dancefloor by Sean Kingston on Grooveshark

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  1. WOOP WOOOOOOOP! Safe travels girl, hope the 1,000 miles flies by!

  2. Be safe!! So excited to hear all about it!!

  3. Drive safe!! What fun and exciting adventures lay ahead!