My dogs are real people, just saying.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I have a confession to make.  Seamus and Penny are not dogs.  They also are 100% in charge of my household.  And I am okay with that.

Seamus slept with us from the time we got him until about a month ago.  Now it is Penny's turn.  But it isn't like she sleeps at our feet....she full on spoons with Ross and breathes right next to my ear.  It is her bed, of course.

They also like to take over furniture.  Like the chair in our living is totally off-limits to humans now.

They both also really love to drink.  If you even open a beer in my house one of them will be on you like a fly on shit, I am not kidding.

They love going out and meeting new people.

And they love swimming in their pool on a hot day.

Their favorite thing to do, though, is nap.  All day 'errrr day.  Well, unless they are wrestling.

Sometimes they get really, reallyyyyy pissed at me...

But a good nap usually helps them get over it.

Or a strong drink...

Or just some wrestling to get their energy out.

When we got Penny we were worried that they wouldn't get along...but as you can see, they are the best of friends.  They do everything together and are always looking out for each other.  Even on walks, they have to walk right next to each other.  Two dogs is a lot of work...but it is sooooo totally worth every single piece of fur on my clothes and in my car and on my furniture and all over my house.
I mean...just look at those faces!!

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  1. what!?! you mean people think dogs are not people too! Pretty sure I'm the same way about my dog.

  2. hahaha i love this post! your pups are the cutest!!!

  3. love it! I am more than ready to be a fur mom!!!

  4. I LOVE their swimming pool! I've been toying around with getting one for Bella. Who, by the way, has no idea she's a dog. ;)

  5. HAHA! i love how they are besties. makes me want to get a second!

  6. Aw they are so cute!! Hawkeye owns my house, I'm totally ok with it.

  7. I love that first picture, it looks like they're holding hands!

  8. I love how they LOVE one another! I can't wait one day to get my Finn his very own Huck!

  9. haha omg yes, they are so freaking adorable!!

  10. this is SO CUTE. I'm dying!!! the fact that they cuddle so often?! ahhh. I think Lil needs a friend!